What is a teardrop banner?

What is a teardrop banner? Tear Drop Banners are an eye-catching marketing tool that easily attracts attention to your business or event. 

Teardrop Banner Origins

Teardrop Banners were original called flying banners or beach flags. They are now commonly referred to as teardrop banners, teardrop banners, advertising flags because of their shape. Teardrop Banners are the most popular shape for advertising flags for several reasons:

1. The shape of banner ensures the fabric is always tight. This reduces flapping and allows for the marketing message to be seen making them perfect for outdoor conditions.

2. The inverted shape of teardrop banners pushes most on the marketing message higher on the banner which allows for improved visibility.

As a result, teardrop banners are a high-impact marketing tool, perfect for schools, businesses and trade show events. Furthermore, teardrop flags are available in true double sided print which increases your exposure even more.

Teardrop Banner Features that are important

Steel reinforced endpoints

  • This is the section of the pole that connects to the base. 
  • It stops the pole breaking and prevents stress fractures.
  • Increases longevity of the poles

Flag tension adjustment

  • The tension clip allows you to adjust the tension so the teardrop banner displays perfectly.
  • Simply attach the draw string and adjust up or down.
  • Increases longevity of the poles
  • The banner may stretch over time so you can adjust accordingly.

Super strong pole sleeve

  • A strong pole sleeve is important as they are subjected to the most UV exposure.
  • Our teardrop banners using a super strong, heavy duty and flexible material.
  • The endpoint which receives the most pressure is double stitched.

Teardrop Banner styles

Below are images of teardrop banners that we have produced. The design is important as this should have a simple message that can be quickly and easily read by passing foot and vehicle traffic.



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